Ana Mascaró Vives, international painter

The internationally known artist Ana Mascaró Vives, continues with force exhibiting in numerous places of renown, her work is requested in galleries of great prestige, once they have made their rigorous selection of artists measured by the quality of their works. The following is a brief summary of his great international resume. Ana is in a trajectory of international artistic expansion and consolidation. La Arista has presented her work in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, etc.

The works of Ana Mascaró Vives appear with 23 paintings in quality of preferred artist in the gallery “Online Saatchi of London, considered the second most important gallery in the world”. There are two exclusive books with representation of her works and international critics, edited by the galleries Bertrand Kass of Innsbruck (Austria), and Antonio Bataglia of Milan. On one occasion in an exhibition at the Tolmo gallery in Toledo, the book “Biblical References” was published, inaugurated by the Israeli ambassador. He makes 15 paintings for the Latin musical C.D. Louge Proyect, included in the “K” international of Switzerland. He has participated in exhibitions in: Sofia Bulgaria, Stockholm, Ana She has a long international curriculum of more than 30 years Important museums have acquired her work, and also prestigious art collectors such as: D. Pedro Martinez Cutillas, (awarded the Honoris Causa), Thomas Wagner, owner of the world’s most important Medial art collection, Aristides Royo former president of Panama. his work appears in national and international art magazines such as “Freize”, New York’s most important art magazine, and was awarded first prize at the international exhibition of the art gallery of the Ritz Hotel in Lisbon (Portugal) as a USIA top 2015 artist. Participates in several international painting contests

Internationale Curmesse in Innsbruck, collaborates in the individual exhibition of contemporary art in the center of Verona (Italy), with the gallery Duomo.

Participating in the circuit of exhibitions in the oldest historical palaces of great architectural value dating back to an antiquity of three to four hundred years located in the legendary Lake Como (Italy) Such as: Ex church Sant Nicolao, Villa Monasterio, Museo Palacio Gallío etc. The Museums where he has his work are: Museum Maeztu (Granada, group exhibition), Contemporary Museum of Panama, Contemporary Museum of the Americas in Washington D.C., Recently has realized a collective exhibition in the Macao Museum (China), The most important characteristics of his work is: that so much can be looked at with magnifying glass, being able to appreciate the infinite quantity of harmonious shades that forms each one of the square centimeters of his works. as to five meters of distance, according to the international criticism his work does not have precedents therefore is UNIQUE.

Here are a few lines of critics:

Art Criticism ::His work has an extraordinary chromatic texture, in concept and realization. She is one of the most significant and multifaceted artists of the 21st century, making a name for herself in the difficult Cultural Universe (Helmut Orpel Dr. in the history of art, and editor of the European magazine Art-Profil).

Art Criticism: to the work of Ana Mascaró Vives: The first thing that comes to light when contemplating the work of this artist, within her unit of style and technique (mark of her unique creative personality), is the extraordinary spontaneity of her compositions, as if they were born from an instinctive and reflexive impulse, completely free of schools, tendencies and even antecedents. Such genius can be seen in the prestigious Gustavo de Maeztu Museum”. (Estella Lizarra)

Art criticism on his work : His painting is virgin, it comes from the heart, not from the brain. And of the sense of aesthetics that many of us carry within us, that allows us to appreciate the beauty in people, things and souls, but that a privileged few are able to teach us in its infinite aspects. (Tomeu Pons, writer and art teacher).

Art criticism: Ana Mascaró who “has not cut off an ear, has not been lost in bohemian or sordid environments. His human anchorage is normal. I would say that even austere, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t take drugs, he doesn’t try alcohol, he’s vegeterian. However, his paintings are explosive as if all his vital retention were overturned in the cataract of his art. (Tomeu Pons, escritor y maestro de arte).

In the opinion of the experts, Ana Mascaró Vives already belongs to the harvest of innovative artists of contemporary art of the 21st century.